What Is The Game of Golf All About?

What Is The Game of Golf All About?




The game is played by a series of strokes made by a player using a set of clubs. The idea is to hit the ball into a set of either 9 holes or 18 holes and for those who can get enough of golf, there would be further holes to play. Generally the ball is to be stuck the least amounts of times as possible until it finally reaches the hole in play. The eventual aim of the golf player is to be able to complete the 18 holes round with the least amount of ball strikes, otherwise referred to as strokes.

Played on an vast area called a golf course, it is among the few games that does not really have a standardized plying area, as the courses can be designed to the basic set of requirements with a lot of additional challenges and other features. Most of the courses would be designed to be able to boast a certain level of scenic beauty, where the players would be able to appreciate nature while playing the game.

This game can be played as a singular player, a twosome, a threesome or a foursome. However there are some courses around the world that are not too particular and sometimes a group of five or six will be allowed to play. Using a cart called a buggy the player will have an easier time getting around the course; however for the more exercise conscious individual, walking the course is also possible. Although fast gaining popularity, it is still a fairly inaccessible game to the masses due to the fact that it can and usually is rather costly.


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