Yoga For Your Health – Pg 10

Yoga For Your Health – Pg 10

different movements to the vertebral column, I have selected a series of five which the average reader will not find beyond his capabilities. In this series a full round constitutes nine movements, that is five forward movements and four retracing ones.

Soorya Namaskar or Sun Exercise

1 – Stand erect, feet together, hands at your sides. Take a deep slow breath, raise your arms above your head with the fingers interlaced   and   then   bend   backwards   as   far   as   you   can without overbalancing.

2 – Now exhale as completely as you can and at the same time bend forward and place your palms flat on the floor about four or five inches in front of your toes. Keep your knees absolutely straight.

One important feature of the SUN EXERCISE is the chin lock, which simply means pressing your chin tightly against your chest. The Yogis maintain that this has a beneficial effect on the thyroid glands. Remember while performing the SUN EXERCISE to maintain the chin lock through stages 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8.

3 – Inhale again, step back with the right foot as in figure 3 so that the other knee is bent and the chin lock is maintained.

4 – Exhale once more and move the other leg back keeping the knees as rigid as possible and trying to reach the floor with your heels. This is not possible of course but the action of trying to reach the floor with the heels will increase the pull on the calves and thighs. Remember to maintain the chin lock.

5 – Inhale again, slowly and deeply and at the same time release the chin lock and, while keeping the upper part of the body as steady as possible, lower the legs and abdomen slowly. Balance throughout stage 5 on the toes and palms until you are in the cobra-like position in figure 5. Arch your back as fully as possible, keep your knees rigid and press back your neck and your head while keeping your arms straight. Only your palms and your toes should touch the floor.

6 – Having performed the five exercises you must now retrace your steps to the starting position thus: from stage 5 assume the position in figure 4 with the body making a bridge.


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